Tying the Knot

Title: Tying the Knot
Author: Charlie Knotts
Release Date: 4/21/17
Genre: ,
Pages: 242

An omega left at the altar.

It should've been a picture-perfect wedding. But when Fox Avery's fiancée dumps him days before they walk down the aisle, his storybook future is knocked far off-course, along with both types of happy ending. Now he's simply adrift--an omega without an alpha. Unmated and unwanted.

All Fox wants to do is feel sorry for himself, but somehow his sisters convince him to turn the destination wedding into a family vacation. A jilted omega and his meddling family at the most romantic resort on earth--can it get any more embarrassing?

Apparently it can--and it does, because when Fox drunkenly decides to get his V-card punched no matter what, the hunk he hits on in the hotel bar turns out to be Dustin Miller: smoking hot alpha, world renowned chef--and Fox's first love.

An alpha who never forgot.

Dustin's only real regret in life is leaving behind his high school sweetheart to go to culinary school abroad. He always meant to come back and sweep Fox off his feet when he had more to offer, when he could provide for Fox the way he really deserved. But Fox moved on in his absence.

When the love of his life appears out of nowhere with a cheesy pickup line and the same stunning smile that's haunted Dustin's dreams for years, Dustin is determined to make things right this time. This is the second chance Dustin never thought he'd get, and he won't let it go without a fight.

A star-crossed couple given a second chance.

Fox can't deny he still cares for Dustin, but how can he give his heart to the man who broke it so many years ago? Dustin fears his past mistakes have created a rift too wide to cross. How can he convince Fox that he's a changed man, and that he'll take care of him the way an alpha should?

If the two men are going to build a future together, they need to settle their past first. But when the intensity of their time together sends Fox into an early heat, passion threatens to unmoor them both. Their bodies are definitely saying yes, but their hearts are saying...maybe?

Will the wounds of the past be too much to bear, or can Dustin and Fox find a way to come together and tie the knot?

Tying the Knot is a stand-alone non-shifter alpha/omega romance with a happily-ever-after ending and no cliffhangers. It features knotting, male pregnancy, and lots of (very long and detailed) steamy scenes.

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