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Give and Take

When Nathan’s friend Connor confesses to submissive tendencies, Nathan is more than willing to help out…by introducing him to firm, dominant Michael. Together, they explore Connor’s newfound desires, under Michael’s hand and in his bed. Download from Instafreebie.

Make It Count

When Eric’s one-time hookup turns out to be his competitor, he has a million reasons why having sex with Aiden doesn’t count…until the day it finally does. This is a 7500 word romantic M/M erotica short in the Legendary Pairs series. Download from Instafreebie.


Never Break Me

Looking for a little stress relief after work, Marcus finds himself bored to tears with the guys dancing at the strip club…until Ryan catches his eye. Ryan is mysterious, sensual, and intelligent, with an absolutely perfect ass–he’s everything Marcus is looking for. It’s lust at first sight, and the two men are sent careening into a night they’ll never forget. Marcus may not be looking for a deeper connection, but in Ryan, he’s likely to find more than he ever bargained for. This is a 6400 word erotica short. Download from Instafreebie.


Love Keeps Giving (3 Chapter Preview)

You can download this 3 chapter sneak preview of Love Keeps Giving from Instafreebie.

Show Me

This is a bonus short featuring side characters from my book Omega Studies. An evening at the bar after wrestling practice turns into so much more for Tony and Daniel when Tony makes an unusual proposal–one that Daniel, against his better judgment, just can’t resist. You can get it by signing up for my newsletter, which is also the best way to find out about new releases and sales. Sign up now and download your free story!